Tuesday 4 January 2011

The holidays - a short goodbye to the past year

The Holidays swished by so fast, yet I feel quite rested and refreshed. It sometimes amazes me how much seeing my family gives me new energy - even though I this time held a grueling tempo in Stockholm over Christmas.

Christmas eve (the big celebration day in Sweden) I was at mom's place. For the first time in three years we had a Christmas tree! I know, two years without a tree isn't the end of the world, but I really, really love it... Christmas just isn't a proper Christmas without a tree to decorate. I have to admit though, I'm not the most artsy tree-decorater, I tend to just throw things over the tree and adjust it a bit so everything is a bit spread out =)

I couldn't resist this photo of Elsa, just look at that cute little fluff-ball! =) Her fur is a bit long for the moment, it's been so cold that mom wanted Elsa to have a bit of extra warmth. I'm sure it works, but she does end up looking like... a lamb? a walking fur muff? a toy-animal? a fluff-ball.

Christmas-fika at my grandmother's, with amazing coffeebread!

I brought home some amazing things from Stockholm, both presents and results of my own shopping. It's a rare and wonderful feeling when everything you get it's something you either had wished for or something you didn't even know you wanted, but that just fits. I am so grateful and happy that my family knows me so well, even though I live far away from them!

These loafers I bought as a gift to myself, and to my feet =) To me, they're just beautiful! With perfect cushioning in the entire sole, and made to be worn with orthopaedic insoles. I'm so looking forward to spring! Wearing these instead of the ortho-sneakers I've been stuck with the past year... Yay!

Christmas gifts in my family leans towards "the more the merrier" (while the total value remains the same). I think it's cozy with a mountin of presents beneth the tree, and like for it to take a while with opening the presents. It doesn't have to be expensive stuff, it's more along the line of "if I give someone two identical pairs of socks I'll still make two presents out of them!". Ripping paper is fun... Here's some of the things my wonderful family got for me:

Sewing supplies; bobbins, a storage-box for bobbins and needles for lace-making.

For entertainment; Season 3 of Mad Men and a novel by my favorite urban fantasy-writer. If you're at all into that genre, I very much recommend reading something by Patricia Briggs. Her stories are gripping, her characters have depth and her handling of the fantastic elements is remarkable.
Being away is great, but there's no place like home, right? So I'll end this goodbye to 2010 with a picture from a winterwhite Umeå. Happy New Year!
Love, Erika


Kitten loves vintage said...

Bekväma skor att alltid trevligt att få handlat åt sig, hoppas de hålls så! Säsong 3 av mad men...! Borde få tag i den innan jag får abstinensbesvär ;) Vackert i Umeå! Kram!

Mia said...

what a lovely Christmas you had! i also leave far away from home, and this year for the first time my parents came here to celebrate it...still i also have a feeling like you, that Christmas at the old home is so cozy!

Erika said...

Kitten; jag tror detta blir skoköps-året, behöver nya till nästan varje säsong! Och jag handlar ju bara från Gå- och löpkliniken. Stackars min plånbok... Men känns så himla bra att äntligen ha köpt dem! Provade ut dem i september...
Jag är nästan rädd för att börja kolla på Mad Men, är rädd att den kommer att sno all sytid. Serien är ju så himla bra!

Mia; Thank you, it was indeed! And how nice for you to have your parents celebrate Christmas at your place! I would love to have my family here next year, but my place is a bit small to host everyone sleeping here. =( But being spoiled by mom isn't so bad! =)

Kajsa said...

Walking in a winter wonderland... Vill också! Saknar Umeå. Inte bara dig, utan stan med :(

Erika said...

Kajsa; vi (jag och Umeå) saknar dig med! Det blir lite långa helger ibland, när jag inte har en lillasyster jag kan locka hit med middag och tv-serier... Det är ett opraktiskt avlångt land vi bor i! *Kramar!*

bunny said...

that's funny, i got needles, bobbins, and that same patricia briggs book for christmas too!

Erika said...

Bunny; only great gifts, with other words! ; ) I love the "Alpha and Omega"-books, in some ways I prefer them to the Mercy Thompsen-serie (although that is also great novels). But I'm glad I read the stories about Mercy first, makes it so easy to just plunge into Briggs fantasy-world =) Nothing like some good fantasy to dream away a dark winter afternoon!

lakaribane said...

Love your dress and I adore Patricia Briggs! I'm torn btw the series, I love Mercy but the spin-off is so, so good too!

(Too funny my word verification is Pinnesse, LOL! Would that be the Art of Careful Pining?)