Thursday 17 December 2009

A nice little blogaward

Cute Bettie Booh gave me this lovely blogaward, Thank you Bettie! I'm quite overwhelmed and very flattered.

There was some questions to be answered:

1.Where is your phone? Next to the phone-hole in the wall.

2.Your hair? Strawberry blond-ish (for a few more hours) and cooperative (most days)

3.Your Mother? The best! Talented, smart, loving, understanding, fun etc.

4.Your Father? Great! Funloving, bookish, and a great hugger.

5.Your favourite food? Homemade

6.Your dream last night? Never remembers them

7.Your favourite drink? Tea!

8.Your dream/goal? To dance!

9.What room are you in? The one I have.

10.Your hobby? Lindy hop, sewing, baking

11.Your fear? The dark.

12.Where do you want to be in six years? In a bigger appartement.

13.Where were you last night? At home, trying to cure my fever with sleep.

14.Something that you’re not? Quiet and timid.

15.Muffins? Yup!

16.Wishlist item? Mad men season one.

17.Where did you grow up? Åkersberga, north of Stockholm.

18.Last thing you did? Baked for the dance tonight.

19.What are you wearing? Warm clothes. We hit minus 20 degrees (celsius!) earlier this week.

20.Your TV? Neglected a lot latlely.

21.Your pets? Non-existent. Except... does younger sisters count?

22.Friends? A great joy.

23.Your life? Wonderful, but a bit stressful. How to choose away fun stuff?

24.Your mood? Starting on the Christmas panic =)

25.Missing someone? Friends and family in south of Sweden.

26.Vehicle? Bikecycle. Even in -18 and snow.

27.Something you’re not wearing? For the moment, a hat.

28.Your favourite store? One?! Perhaps Tehörnan, the local tea shop.

29.Your favourite colour? Red and dark forest green.

30.When was the last time you laughed? Today.

31.The last time you cried? A few weeks ago.

32.Your best friend? Yes. Two of them since childhood. Love you guys!

33.One place that I go to over and over? Stockholm.

34.Facebook? When I remember.

35.Favourite place to eat? At my mom's place.

Whew! Done! =)

I'm supposed to pass this on to ten people, but I have a mild fever and don't feel up to choosing amongst all the great blogs there are out there, so if you've made it this far in the post, consider yourself tagged! =)

Love, Erika

Sunday 6 December 2009

Christmas-y skirts!

Igår var Swingum Lindy Hoppers (vår lilla uppvisningsgrupp har fått ett namn! =) ) med i Snowflake singers julkonsert! De är en barbershopkör, dvs sjunger a capella och har mycket rörelse och små danssteg, klädbyten etc, ochbestår enbart av kvinnor. Det var första gången vi stod på en riktig scen, framför en sittande, betalande publik. Innan har vi dansat för förbipasserande som stannat till, eller andra dansare. Så det var allt lite pirrigt! Men såklart väldigt roligt =)
Då vi var en del i en proffsig konsert så ville vi se lite proffsiga ut vi med, så jag sydde röda juliga kjolar åt mig och Rita. Det var eg meningen att min skulle vara en klänning, men tiden tröt. Får se om klänningen dyker upp senare. De är eg inte så märkvärdiga, men är ändå lite stolt. Dels för att jag lyckades sy något som satt bra till någon annan, och dels för att jag sydde min egen kjol rekordsnabbt (klippte ut den i onsdags och har varit rätt så upptagen sen dess).
Så vi var matchande med röda kjolar, vita toppar, vita blommor i håret och svarta skor. Väldigt juligt, inte sant?

Yesterday Swingum Lindy hoppers (yey! Our little dance perfomance group finally has a name! =) ) danced in the Christmas concert of Snowflake singers, a local barbershop choir with only women. This was the first time we stood on a real stage, with a paying, sitting audience. Before, we've only danced for people passing by on the street, or our fellow dancers, so we were a bit nervous. But it was so much fun!
Since the choir and their concert were so proffesio
nal, we felt we also wanted to appear a bit more proffesional. For me, it meant coordinating our outfits =) So I sew skirts for me and Rita, quite basic, but I'm still a bit proud of them. First, I made something for someone else and it fit! Secondly, I just made mine very fast.
Don't we look Christmas-y in our red skirts, white tops, white hair flowers and black shoes?

Dessutom: en liten glimt av min ljuvliga underkjol från 50-talet, ärvd från mormor. Blev väldigt förtjust i kontrasten mot kjolen.

Also: a peak of my lovely 50s slip, from my grandmother. I was quite pleased with the effect of the white contrast against the skirt.
I realised that I've promised pictures of the slip, so here it comes!

Love, Erika