Sunday 13 March 2011

A haircut and some shopping

I've been a busy little bee sewing on the coat this past week. Even though we got 30 cm of snow this Friday, spring is around the corner and it will surely soon melt. That is all good, we're moving towards warmer and lighter days! However, I would like to get one or two chances to wear the coat this season... So sewing 'til my fingers are bleeding! =)

I have managed to get a few other things done, the most important one: getting a haircut. My wonderful hairdresser Sara from Retroella specialices in vintage/retro hair, the only downside is that she just moved to Stockholm. She was home in Umeå over the weekend and I'm very happy she had time to cut my hair!

The style is same as before, just trimmed it a bit, making it a lot easier to curl.

So happy to have hair that's healthy and easy to work with again!

I've also indulged myself with a "semla" a couple of times past week. This is a traditional swedish pastery that's only eaten around the beginning of lent, we even have a special day dedicated to it. Swedes are nothing if not serious about their coffeebread! =)

I've done a little bit of shopping, the purse is second hand from Tradera, and the gloves are new (they're red! So happy!)

Double broches always catches my eyes, they look so stylish and sophisticated. And now I'm the proud owner of a double broche! (Please disregard my face in the photo, I had been on town all day, was tired and hungry.)

Search and you shall find! Or rather, search high and low, tell my mother or my grandmother, and they shall find =) Duck-billed scissors seemed so practical for trimming seamallowances, esp when the two seamallowances are to be cut to different widths (like the facing/front seam of the coat). Plus they look kind of funny, and it's a sewing gadget... Of course I was craving one! Coudln't find any seller carrying these scissors closer then UK, though... My mom found one in a sewing store in Stockholm and mailed it to me! Thank you so much, mom!

Today tt's a beautiful Sunday, a little bit over zero degrees, startling sunshine, and I've already worked out at the gym and dyed my hair (pictures of that later). Time to sew!

Love, Erika

Tuesday 1 March 2011

Channelling my inner movie star

Photographer for all the pictures in this post is Frida Sandström. 

A co-worker's daughter asked me if I would be willing to help her out with a school project, they were going to make fan-cards inspired by a decade of the 20th c. I was of course delighted to be asked, we had a great time and here's the result of mine and Frida's hard work!

This is the shot Frida chose to use for the final product. Although as you can see in the first image she made me blue-eyed =) A bit cute, very 50s, but it feels so strange to see myself with a different eye-colour. Lol!
The dress is vintage, I found it in Herräng.

The blouse is from my grandmother, the skirt is from Tradera / Ebay. I believe they're both 70s, but they do a good job of pretending to be 40s, don't they? =) The shoes are my beloved dance-shoes, "So danza".

The same outfit as above, with one of my favorite hats (Tradera), a purse and gloves (from my grandmother, again) and a mink stole (family heirloom). I know fur is a hot topic and just to state my point of view; I don't support the fur-industry and I would never buy new fur, nor fur from the last decades. Vintage fur from the 60s and earlier? I find that more ok. And this one? My great-uncle Stig bought it for his wife Anna-Lisa in the 50s, and after her death he gave it to my mother, who later on gave it to me. Every time I wear it I'm remembered of Stig and Anna-Lisa's great love for each other, their long marriage with all it's joys and sorrows. Some day I'll tell you the story of my remarkable great-uncle, the sweetest old man I've ever met! I have a few other things from him, but nothing brings back the memories as much as this stole. I hope it's not offensive to anyone that I show it here.

I couldn't resist it. This hat is just too special to be left on a shelf! I first showed it here. When I first laid eyes on it I found it hilarious and I was certain I would never use it, and for a trip to town I wouldn't. But for a special occasion, with a period theme, so it's part of a costume? I can't help to love it! Also, with the stole, I think the "glamour"-factor is very high. =)

It was so much fun to take these photo's, Frida is a very talented young photographer. And of course I always love any excuse to dress up and pose in front of a camera! Lol!
Hope you enjoyed the results of our photoshoot!

Love, Erika