Tuesday 6 July 2010

Aprons all around

Past fall I decided to start filling a huge gap in my wardrobe: aprons! I love aprons, they're cute, practical and comes in so many shapes and colours. I thought about try to sew one or two myself, but just couldn't find fabrics with that special "old apron"-quality, so instead I started roaming Tradera/Ebay for vintage ones. Here's what I've found so far!

This white apron with red polkadots is a clear favorite. The width in the skirt is wonderful, and the trim is a nice detail, I think. (Please excuse the background, we snapped these in the morning just before I was off to work, and I fear the dishes hadn't been seen to properly).

Crosses in the back and lies comfortably over the shoulders.

A practical, if somewhat long apron that I actually mostly bought for the amazing baking cloth that came with it. I've been wanting one for ages! Mom has said it's impossible to bake out my grandmother's gingerbread recipe without a baking cloth, and now I'll be able to try it myself. Her gingerbreads are the best I've ever tasted!

I've shown this one before, but I thought it should be in this round-up as well. A basic white, full lenght apron. The shoulder straps buttons down to the waist band, and the skirt is closed with a button as well.

This might be the one I use the most. I love the colours, and the pattern makes me think of my grandmother. For someone as clumsy as me, it's so nice with an apron that doesn't need washing every day =) Also, it goes with my blue skirts. And, as I've hinted before, I have a few of those ; )
Love, Erika