Wednesday 16 June 2010

Younger siblings are... a blessing!

My sister Kajsa is unfortunatley moving back to Skåne this week, after having studied here in Umeå for a year. The class she took at Umeå university was only for a year, and now her continued education (which can not be found up here) is luring her back to Southern Sweden. I'm guessing her friends are a factor as well... =) I very much understand and support her moving to study what she really wants to, but oh how I'm going to miss her!

Taking the last opportunity for probably quite a while to see both his sisters at the same time, our brother Joakim came to town this weekend! Since we've been emptying Kajsa's room for the move, I've had both of them staying with me. Very cozy! =)

Friday we went shopping. Umeå has a small hat shop that is amazing, and both Joakim and Kajsa wanted to look for a new hat. Guess if I found the perfect summerhat for me? Of course I did... A bit expensive for me right now though =( We found a perfect hat for Joakim as well, but not for Kajsa. One had a great shape and fit, another a perfect colour.

I and Kajsa found these cute umbrellas, at HM. (picture taken later, though).

We had tea and cake by the river. Café Station has the great service to provide take-away where you borrow with you a basket and a blanket.

The weather was very co-operative, sunny and warm. I took the opportunity to wear my new blouse.

Joakim have a new camera, a very fancy one that takes amazing pictures. Hence the aboundace of photos from the weekend =)

When we came home, I baked banana-cake for the dance on Saturday. Please ignore the "let's-keep-the hair-out-of-the-cake"-hairdo. And the not so flattering glasses... But voila! One of my new aprons! From Ebay/Tradera.

I think that's it for now. More photos from the rest of the weekend later on!

Love, Erika


SchlagerElin said...

Jättefina bilder, verkligen! Ser ut som ni hade en väldigt mysig helg :)

Kajsa said...

Jag saknar dig redan! Framförallt när mormor sa att jag förde mig som du, och hon envisades med att kalla mig för Erika när jag var hos henne igår... Jag tog det som en komplimang, för jag försökte vara på mitt bästa betende och du kan vara så oerhört trevlig när du lägger på den sidan.

Älskar dig :)

Erika said...

Tackar, Elin! Det var verkligen en mysig helg! =)

Saknar dig med, Kajsa! Har inget för mig på lördag, tänkte "men då kan jag o Kajsa ta det lugnt" men det blir ju lite svårt nu... =(
Lol! Mormor brukar kalla mig för "Lena". Hon verkar förskjuta namnet ett steg =)
Älskar dig med!