Sunday 6 June 2010

Is summer around the corner?

We had a heat wave a few weeks ago, but that seems as distant as last year's summer now. The winter was very long, very cold, and very dark. By now it should be warm, but the heat is a bit slow in coming this year. We are all waiting eagerly =)

In anticipating of warmer weather ahed, I fell head over heels for the blouse above when I found it at Ebay/Tradera. I was a bit sceptic at first, since I don't usually wear orange. Then I thought "what does it go with?". A solid dark blue skirt would be lovely with this blouse, and solid dark blue skirts are the true basics in my wardrobe (seriously, why do I always fall for the blue skirt? It's gone so far that I've forbidden myself to buy any more dark blue clothes or fabrics!). So of course, I had to buy the blouse =)

Another purchase for the summer; short sheer lace socks, from H&M I have to admit. They were too cute to just pass!
The past week I've been working for me very unusual hours (leaving the house at 6 in the morning just isn't right ;) ), and I have one more week on this scheduale. After that I'll hopefully be back among the living! But now it's weekend, and I've had a great weekend so far, Friday was dance-night, yesterday Kajsa came over for sewing and movie-night. We saw The Notebook, a movie I've heard a lot about (and everybody seems to have seen) but that had somehow managed to slip me by. I loved it! If there's anyone reading this who hasn't seen it, I very much recomend it!
Now I'm off to the gym, and then tea with Kattis and then more sewing with Kajsa. Hope you're having a great weekend!
Love, Erika


Kajsa said...

Vilka söta strumpor! :)

Andi B. Goode said...

Oh, those socks look cute! And I like the orange blouse. =D
-Andi x

Erika said...

Tackar, Kajsa!

Thank you, Andi! Hopefully I'll be able to model them soon as well =)

Kitten loves vintage said...

Orange brukar passa bra med mörkblått, så det blir säkert bra. The Notebook är nog en favoritfilm för mig också, en av de få jag har på dvd faktist...Kul att du gillade den!

Erika said...

Kitten; jag tror på den idén! Och passar det inte till rött hår så får jag väl färga det någon annan nyans snart =) Skoj att även du gillade the notebook, verkar som sagt att jag som vanligt är väldigt mycket efter resten av världen med mitt upptäckande av nyare bra filmer =)