Thursday 15 August 2013

Summertime and the living is easy... may even be jumping... =)

I read somewhere that internet stress during vacation is a rising population health issue. Stressing about Facebook, blogs and so on prevents one from relaxing, resting and get the full benefit of a vacation. While I can understand the problem, it's one I have no personal experience of. My only stress was feeling bad about not being online, writing posts, commenting. Reading my mail... So even though I this year brought my swanky new computer (allright, maybe not so fancy, but compared to my 8 year old laptop, it's basically a spaceship) on the road, did I use it for anything else than installing needed software (thanks Dad!) and check public transportation info? No, of course, not. I was feeling a little teeny, tiny bit bad about it, until I read the article =) It's amazing how we can choose to give credit to newspaper articles when they fit into how we would like the world to be, and ignore them when they don't.

I've had a wonderfully relaxed vacation. Me and the mr went on a roadtrip through Sweden, something I haven't done since I was a child. We visited family and friends, totally driving approx 3400 kilometres (1 mile = 1.6 km). It was great to not have any fixed days for travelling, just go with the flow and have room to alter any plans whenever we'd choose.

Here's some of my favorite pictures from the past two months...

 Midsummer at Norrbyskär, trying to keep my balance and failing miserably =)

 Feeling like a giant in the minature houses at Norrbyskär museum.

Visiting friends in Hjo, a cute little town next to one of Swedens largest lakes. The shoes, hat, scarf and handbag were my go-to's this summer =)

 The lake was stunning, and we couldn't have asked for better weather!

 Hjo is an old town, with plenty of beautiful wood houses.

Back in northern Sweden, me and mom visited an old iron work. Thought you guy's might like this, it's the early 20th century workroom of the director.

To get power to run the iron work, they used the natural stream and altered it to get more force out it. This stream has been used in this capacity since th 17th c (with different iron works, and new machinery from time to time).

At the end of the vacation, we spent a few days in the Swedish moutins. Clear air, gorgeous midnight light (this is taken at 11.30 at night) and time for both body, soul and mind to relax.

And to sum this up - something sewing related! At a second hand shop I stumbled over this darling. It was set to such a low price, I opened the case mostly to study the broken 70s wreck I assumed resided inside. I probebly startled half the store with my screetch when I opened it and found a Husqvarna CB (they were made between 1903-1934, so it's from somewhere around there). The electricity actually works, and it sews, I tested it in the store. Now, despite it's beauty I was a bit hesitant. Would my boyfriend be ok with A) helping me bring it up to snuff and B) having a third sewing machine in the appartement, with the knowledge that there will be a fourth as soon as I can afford a coverlock? He surprised me in the best sense of the word with not only saying yes to the above but even gifting me with the machine!!!

So that's the quick version of my summer! Not a lot of sewing, I haven't been home eunough for that, but I have made a few garments. Right now my sewing supplies, along with everything else I own, is in a semi-organized chaos, also known as moving. In two weeks I'll be settled into my new place (I'm just moving within the city), and I'm sooooo looking forward to sewing again!

Hope everyone has had a great summer!
Love, Erika


Unknown said...

Hello! I've just started following your blog, and I am really enjoying it. You are a very talented seamstress :). I'm glad you had a nice vacation-and what a lovely sewing machine!!!!! :D Vintage sewing machines are just too cool! And also, I like the little tag line above the comment box-comments make my day too :). Looking forward to your next sewing projects!

Anthea said...

I love your hat! It suits you very well.

Sweden is so beautiful! Great pictures!

What a great find! I love vintage/antique sewing machines! Luckily my boyfriend does too, and allowed me too place an old singer in the living room.

ette said...

It seems as if you had great holidays, Sweden has to be such a beautiful country, I hope I will visit it sometime soon.
Your sewing machine is so beautiful, what a great find. But be careful, old sewing machines are highly addictive. I own ten at the moment and slowly I begin to worry about where to store them :-)

Kitten von Kat said...

Fina bilder! Blir lite avis på den symaskinen, hur fin som helst! :)

Hilario said...

This is fantastic!