Thursday 25 April 2013

Inspiration: Swedish 30s pattern magazines

I've recently been on a bit of a shopping spree for 30s inspiration... Pattern magazines can be quite expensive here, but I've managed to score a few on Tradera/Ebay anyway. Here's my small but growing collection...

I love that some of the magazines came with pattern sheets! Although they make modern Burda magazines look like a walk in the park:

Basically, I just wanted to share some of my favorites with you =) Wanna see them? Here they are:



The text reads "A practical vacation dress"


I'll def post more about these magazines over time, they have an abundant of interesting tidbits in them!

Love, Erika


Jitterbugdoll said...

What a wonderful collection! I think my favorite frocks are the "practical vacation dress" and the yellow dress on the cover. Looking forward to seeing your own 1930s creations!

Foster said...

Beautiful! Are you going to try any of them? Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your great comments. I have tried to reply back via email, but your email address bounces back. So thanks for all your insightful comments.

Anthea said...

Those magazines are wonderful! Love to see more of them.

I know what you mean with those pattern sheets. I once traced a dress pattern from a 1941 pattern sheet and it was big labyrinth for me! I took me a complete day to get it right!

I'm thinking about scanning the sheets at a copy shop. And then tracing the patterns each with a different color. So tracing on pattern paper will be easier. Because some of my sheets are very fragile I don't have to use the original ones.

The problem is that I still haven't find a company who can scan bigger sizes.

Erika said...

Jitterbugdoll; Thank you! There will def be more 30s creations soon... =)

Foster; Thank you so much! Not sure that I'll try one of them straight off, but I will use them for figuring out how to make patterns that are as period authentic as possible to the 30s.

Thank you for letting me know about the email! I've fixed it now, but might need to close that adress down - or at least forward it to another email I use more often.

Anthea; Thank you! I will certainly post more about these magazines in the future (hmm... maybe during summer? Prepare posts to come up during July, when I'm always horribly bad at blogging? It's an idea...).

I'm thinking about tracing one of the dresses, just to see how it's constructed. Most of them are for junior sizes, so it would take ages to grade them. Would be interesting to attempt to make at least one of them though!

About the copy-problems: a tip is to call any company in your city who draws construction designs, and ask where they would go if they wanted to copy a construction design. Building engineers, architechts, landscape-architechts etc. Working for a company as such, I could sure tell anyone interested where in my town you can get large sheets copied, printed or even scanned into basically any format. Good luck!

Anthea said...

Thanks for the advice! I will definitely give it a try!