Sunday 24 June 2012

At midnight

I love it when the nights gets longer and brighter. So of course midsummer night's eve is one of my favorite holidays. This year was the perfect celebration - just me and the mr, lots of delicious food, a good movie, and a midnight stroll.

By Nydala lake, on our way to search for a quiet place to sit down and enjoy the night.

The air was cold, but the water was still warm from the hot sun. A night like this it's easy to understand the old wive's tales of fairies dancing on the meadows during summer nights.

We found an empty pier/raft. This photo is taken straight to north, at around midnight. What to say? Love the light...

Mist danced over the water, with a magical effect.

This is why I love living in northern Sweden, why I can bear the dark winters. Sure, there are other places where summer it warmer, where the sun is stronger. Where the summer nights are warm and pitch black, and where the sun sets in half an hour. It's nice, it's pretty, but it's not home. For me, nothing beats the midnight light.

The water was clear and still.

Hope you've all had the chance to enjoy the longest night of the year! Don't worry though, there are still plenty of long nights ahed of us this summer... =)

Love / Erika


Eurielle said...

Thank you Ericka for this midnight walk through your part of Sweden.
It looks so peaceful and unpolluted, something I'm unfortunately not accustomed to in my part of France. I've never seen water this clear in here! We need to take tips from the northerners regarding ecology,I think.
I enjoyed sharing your summer night with you.

Kitten von Kat said...

Vackert! Älskar bilder av dimma på vatten :) Låter som om ni hade det trevligt!

Erika said...

Eurielle; thank you for your sweet words! The water is rather good up here, in most places. We also have our areas that needs overseeing, the fight to remedy past ecological blunders continues here as well.

Kitten; Tackar! Vatten överlag är en favorit hos mig (att se på i alla fall, simma i är jag lite mer tveksam till =) ) Det var en riktigt härlig kväll!