Friday 15 January 2010

Back in town

Warning for long post! =)

Me and Marita at New Years Eve.

Finally back from my long Christmas-break! I've been to my old hometown Stockholm, celebrating Christmas and New Year's with friends and family. I love living up north, but I have to say that I really don't like seeing my nearest and dearest so seldom (a few times a year). That's why it was so great to have almost two weeks in Stockholm. Plus the annual swing dance camp "Snowball" runs from 26th dec to 1st jan, and although I didn't feel I had time to attend classes (it wouldn't have given me any time for the family) I did dance socially every night, most of them until 5 in the morning! I had a truly splendid time =) All the dancing and the wonderful people made me a bit wistful and almost got me thinking about maybe moving back south, but then I came home and the wonderful calm that runs through life up here went right into me and no, I will not move back. I am however eagerly awating the opening of the new railway (in August), which will hopefully make it a whole lot easier to visit the southern lands.

Me and my mom at my cousin's wedding.

The lately very slow updating of this blog is partly due to that I lost my camera during New Year's Eve. I'm currentley making a last and probebly futile attempt to retrive it, but if I don't find it I will have to admit that there are some very dishonest people out there. I mean, my camera is an ancient and not so well functioning compact camera! Why on earth would anyone want to steal it? It's not even worth the expense of buying a new charger, which they would have to do as it uses custom batteries. *sigh*

So, I lost my camera, but I did get a lot of very nice Christmas gifts, most of them relating to vintage or sewing =) Here are a few of them:

Some cookery. The pot and the big one in the back I already had, I just let them sit in the picture so you could see the whole ensamble.

Linen napkins, handwoven by my great-grandmother (the same remarkeble woman who I inherited my lace-pillow from). A bedsheet that comes with a story; my grandmother got a set of these when she was married 50 years ago. This one was never used, so now she has put my initial on it, and given it to me. She says she's been sleeping on hers for 50 years, and it's still in good shape =)

Mad Men season one AND two! (My brother and sister must really love me, that feels nice =) ) And the classic "How to marry a millionaire" from dad.

There were more, both heirlooms and great new and old finds, but they will have to wait a while.

Have a great weekend!
Love, Erika

P.S. Thanks Kajsa and Marita, for lending me the use of your cameras!


Kajsa said...

Varsågod, och vad fina ni var på bröllopet! Kockums sakerna ser riktigt bra ut tillsammans :)

Erika said...

Tackar så mycket! Det var ett väldigt trevligt bröllop, även om dagarna efter nu inte blev så jättebra... Visst gör de! =) Vaniljgult är fint.

Kitten loves vintage said...

Åh, va tråkigt att du blev av med kameran :( Min systemkamera (film) blev stulen i London för några år sen och den kan man ju förstå att nån vill ha, men en äldre kompakt-kamera? Hoppas du får tillbaka den, eller en bättre fungerande ny istället!

Åh, du fick "man men" på dvd, och "How to marry a millionaire", mycket inspirerande att se på i vår...Själv köpte jag häromdagen en tre-pack med Marilyn filmer; "Some like it hot", "The seven year itch" och "Gentlemen prefer blondes" som jag själv ser fram emot att inspireras av.

Trevliga dvd-stunder! :)

Erika said...

Kitten: jo, det känns trist att människor kan vara så oärliga =( Det verkar inte som att den kommer dyka upp, vare sig hos SL eller polisen, tyvärr. Så just nu har jag lånat systerns kamera och tittar mig omkring efter en ny.

Haha! Jo, jag har verkligen kunnat koppla av i soffan på sistonde! Har ett avsnitt på säsong ett kvar, tror jag ska avnjuta det ikväll efter dansen =) Jag älskar Some like it hot! De andra har jag tyvärr inte sett, men skulle gärna se. Du får berätta om de rekommenderas eller inte!

Ha det bra!

Miss Cherry said...

Älskar Mad Men, när jag såg första säsongen för två år sedan kunde jag inte sluta titta, så jag tillbringade en tråkig söndag, med te scones och mad men helt perfekt, nu går tredje säsongen på kanal 9, klart man har bokat varje torsdags kväll framöver :)

Erika said...

Miss Cherry; det låter sannerligen som en perfekt söndag! Jag såg delar av första säsongen, och nåt från andra med, men hann inte föja den. Så blev verkligen glad nu när jag fick hela 1a och 2a säsongen på dvd! Hmm, har nog inte kanal 9, så det får nog vänta, tyvärr.
Ha det bra!

Miss Cherry said...

p.s kanal 5 visar mad men säsong tre via deras webtv ;)