Friday, 17 May 2013

MeMadeMay goes on holiday - week 2

That's right, I spent last week (wednesday to wednesday) in beautiful, sunny Alicante, Spain!

Wednesday 8th, after a half-day of work, some hours of last-minute packing, pin-curl setting, and a nice, direct flight Umeå-Alicante, it was over midnight before we reached our hotelroom (with seaview from the balcony!). I'll admit; due to the whole "I'm travelling all day anyway and oh, drat, I've already packed all my me-made tops..." this outfit only has a me-made skirt =(

Thursday 9th (my birthday!) we spent the day exploring the Castle of Santa Barbara, a place I strongly recommend any Alicante-tourist to visit! The views of the city were spectacular, and the castle itself awe-inspiring.

In a me-made chevron jersey dress, and my hair still in pincurls =)

We had dinner at a restaurante-ship in the marina next to the hotel, and it was the best fish I have ever eaten! Just wow! It was a lovely birthday, and a great start on the holiday.

Outside the restaurante, in a me-made 30s inspired dress.

Friday 10th we explored the city. It's a beautiful old town, with plenty of pretty buildings. I even did a little bit of shopping!

Maybe due to the lack of rain throughout the year, many trees looked like this. This particular one was extreme, just look at how one heavy branch is supported! I'm wearing me-made blouse and half-circle skirt.

In the evening, at Alicante's beachwalk. I'm wearing a me-made blue jersey dress I haven't blogged yet, and the 30s inspired me-made jacket. Oh, and the handbag I bought earlier that same day! =)

Saturday 11th, there was an art museum, churches, gorgeous buildings, pittoresque alleys... We walked all day, and a me-made jersey top and pleated blue cotton skirt was comfortable and easy to wear. And yes, in almost all day photo's I'm wearing my new walking shoes. They're great! Supersoft to walk in, and with the added support of my ortho-insoles my feet remained happy through the many hours of walking. Not the cutest, though... Sometimes function beats aestaethic ; )

Sunday 12th we visited the archeological museum (MARQ). It was interesting to see the development of the city, but it might have been even more interesting with English texts... Everything was in Spaninsh! (And something similar, maybe portuguese). My high-school French gave me the tools to decipher the most vital information, it was quite fun to put it to use =) Anyway, a really nice museum!

In me-made jersey top and the pleated skirt.

Monday 13th we took the ferry to the island of Tabarca, about 20 kilometres outside the coast. Stunning scenery, lovely little town and the ocean was... beyond words.

In a me-made jersey dress and the pretty sunhat the mr gave me for my birthday!

Tuesday 14th, last day in town! Went around the town some more, visited a couple more museums. I recommend the Volvo Ocean Race museum! I haven't seen the race, nor am I very interested in sailing in general, but it was still a very interesting exhibition. I might even watch parts of the race on TV next year!

In my favorite me-made blouse and the half-circle skirt, on the plaza outside the hotel.

Last evening, after a delicious tapas-meal. Wearing a new me-made jersey dress, yet to be properly blogged.

It was a wonderful holiday, and I hope I'll soon be able to return to this area in Spain.

Love, Erika


Foster said...

It sounds like you are having an absolutely wonderful vacation. The clothes are all fabulous.

Anthea said...

That last dress! Very pretty! I also love the black and white floral dress and your hat!

Looks like a great vacation!

Stephanie said...

Absolutely lovely outfits!

Erika said...

Thank you so much, everyone! I've been slow on reading comments this week (catching up both at work and at home) but I deeply appreciate your kind words and that you took the time to comment!

Lady D said...

What fabulous dresses! I wish I could sew jersey but I just haven't found a good handstritch that works. I'm working on an outfit for my local lindy exchange...the theme is 'seaside'. Only a few weeks to go....eep!

Sarah said...

You sound like you had a wonderful time! My family have a house around 40mins away from Alicante in a place called torreviejca, (my mum has actually flown out today)!
Isn't Santa Barbra castle amazing! Unfortunately that's all I've seen of Alicante but lots of people say it's a really lovely area to visit!
Happy belated birthday by the way! And you look lovely in your outfits I'm particularly liking the chevron dress and the 30s inspired dress!

Kitten von Kat said...

Åh, outfit två och tre hamnade direkt bland mina favoriter, snygg i håret är du på båda bilderna också! :) Ser ut som ni haft en bra och intressant resa, försenat grattis förresten! :D

Erika said...

Lady D; thank you! An overlock is a great help for sewing jersey, I find. By hand... not sure I'd even try =) Good luck with your lindy hop outfit!

Sarah; Thank you so much! Wow, your mom has a house in the area?! That sounds wonderful! I'm def planning on going back, maybe rent a car and see the surrounding area. I'd love to visit the mountins!

Kitten; tackar så jättemycket! Det var en riktigt härlig resa, och en underbar födelsedag =)