Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Me Made May week 3 1/2 - summer is here!

I've fallen behind on posting my Me Made May-outfits... There haven't been a lot of time for blogging, and somehow the sewing post seemed more important (and fun) =)

We've had an unextecped change in weather, and the entire region seems to have skipped spring and gone straight for summer. Seriously, go back and check my pictures from the beginning of May and behold the snow and ice. Then we were gone a week, and the grounds turned emerald. Summer heat struck (which is 20 C in this part of the world), and one warm weekend later every tree and bush had leeves! Not too unusual, spring is always fast here. The unsual part is that it stayed warm. Loving it! =)

This is a long post, with outfits you've likely to have seen before, so why not check out the surrounding landscape, and see what happened during that warm weekend...

Presenting the round up of me-made outfits, day 15-26:

Wednesday 15, after the flight home from Alicante. Green grass and buds ready to burst. (Top and halfcircle skirt)

Thursday 16, back to work, refreshed and full of energy. Didn't hurt that summer had very unexpectadly arrived to Umeå... (Refashioned cardigan,  me-made top and skirt)

Friday 17, during the evening walk (Look! No cardigan!!!) (Chevron dress)

Saturday 18, I taught the lindy hop-intro before the social dance. My favorite band was playing, and it was a great night! (And wow, it's getting lighter! This is at maybe 9.30 in the evening). (Floral Swing Dress)

Sunday 19 was a chill day. Ended the day with a walk in the lovely Nydala area. Full buds and small leaves on every tree. (Me-made top)

Monday 20, a last minute "oh, I have to get a outfit-photo!". (Top and skirt)

Tuesday 21, during my lunch-walk. Sunny and warm, but windy! Look at the trees =) (Blouse and skirt)

Wednesday 22, after work and dance practice. I'm starting to feel pretty happy about the back on my new jersey top-pattern! (Top and skirt)

Thursday 23. This dress fast became a favorite! Not only had the trees turned green, somewhere around here they also began to bloom.

Friday 24, an oldie but a goodie for a day at the office: blouse and half circle skirt. (Blouse and skirt)

Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 basically looked like this: cleaning house all day, in the oldest and worst clothes I own. Slouching in the couch all evening, in my less-than-perfect first attempt at a jersey dress. It's a bit big, but that means it's a great house-dress =)

Almost finished MeMadeMay... While this challenge is great for evaluating the wearability of the me-made garments in one's closet, for me it's actually more of a challenge to take daily pictures and post outfits. One thing is for certain; it's very unlikely I'll ever be a daily-oufit-fashion blogger! =) (The word "never" springs to mind...)

Hope summer has come to you as well, wherever you are in the world!

Love, Erika


Jessica Cangiano said...

What wonderfully pretty looks! I especially like the dark red cardi and classic blue skirt combo. If I had a dollar for each time I'd partnered red and blue together in a vintage look, too, I'd be a wealthy woman at this point! :D

I come baring very cool news today, dear gal - your comment was selected as the winning number for the international winner of a copy of A Spear of Summer Grass (the book giveaway last week on my blog). Please feel free to email me anytime with you mailing details, dear Erika. I'm super happy that you won - congrats!!!

♥ Jessica

Anthea said...

Congratulations on winning the giveaway!

Once again, lovely outfits! I really like the colors you use!