Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Me Made May week 1

Me Made May is in full swing all over the blogosphere, and I love seeing everyone wearing their me-made garments! However, as I rarely follow daily-outfit posts, I didn't want to post such (and I doubt I'd manage it anyway). So instead, here's the first of my weekly round-ups!

Wednesday May 1st - a holiday in Sweden, so a me-made top and RTW jeans was as dressed up as I got. Here just home from dance practice with friends.

Thursday May 2nd - back at work in me-made jersey top and me-made halfcircle wool skirt.

Friday May 3 - first day with any real warmth in the air! Premier for the floral jersey top from my summer SWAP, and my favorite me-made summer skirt (first project ever featured on this blog!).

Saturday May 4 - beautiful day with a chilly bite in the wind. Picture taken during a 50 min walk the mr and I like to take a couple of times a week. Love Nydala lake at this time of the year, the ice is melting fast! Still a bit left in this photo, but I think it's clear by now. I'm wearing slouchy jeans and a floral me-made top.

Sunday I was in my me-made sweatpants the whole day, sewing away on my summer SWAP. No pictures =(

Monday May 6 - at work in my red blouse, and premier for the blue half circle skirt.

Tuesday May 7 - mirror shot. Green top and blue pleated skirt, all me-made.

Figured out tops and skirts are my go-to stapels? =) Of course, in 9-10 months a year, there's acutally a cardigan on top of it as well...

About the summer SWAP; I'm done with three more jersey projects (one top and two dresses) and I've finally finished lining the jacket from last summer. There just hasen't been time to take pictures of it, as I'm doing a last minute rush to get as much as possible ready of the SWAP-list before the trip to Spain. Maybe I'll just post pictures of me wearing them there, instead =)

In Sweden, today is the start of a 4-day holiday (for many people, at least). So have a great (long) weekend, folks!

Love, Erika


Anthea said...

Lovely round up! I really like how your seperates are going so well together.

You work with colour palette?

Erika said...

Thank you so much! In a way I work wirh colour palettes - I have some favorite primary colours, and secondary colours I like matching them to. I also have a tendency to always fall for the blue fabrics... When buying fabric, I try to consider how it will go with what's already in my closet :)

Erika said...
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