Thursday, 16 June 2011

Summer is here! Or, it was here...

Warning! Picture heavy post ahed...
Last week summer suddenly struck northern Sweden, Yes, southern as well, but that happens every now and then. It has never ever been so warm in my county during these five years I've lived here. To kick off the week, and summer itself as it turned out =), the family Lindahl arranged their by now yearly dance on the sundeck to the beautiful, scrapy music of a vintage grammophone one turnes by hand. This is what I wore:

Monday 6th. Blue, floral Swingdress.

The heat continued, and this much loved but rarely worn green skirt made an apperance:

Wednesday 8th. The colour puts me in mind of icecream =) It's cute, but a bit unpractical as it's the kind of cotton that get's stuck on anything (even nylons. And itself!). I do love it for those hot days, though!

I had no imagination the day after (it was too warm to think), so I wore it again. For work, this time. I had an amazing luck with this photo; inspired by Karens project for June, I walked up to a stranger and asked if he could take a picture of me and the beautiful Umeå river. Turned out he was a photograpfer! =) He very kindly helped me, thus providing us all with a picture that does the river justice.

Thursday 9th

Next up, my blue skirt.

Friday 10th, at work.

This is an everyday look for me at work, both the clothes, the teacup and the headset =) See, I work in a reception/switchboard...

Saturday was the last dance night of the semester, featuring the wonderful Thomas Fisher's kvartett and vocalist Anna-Lena Kanon. They were really swingin'!

I wore the dress I made as a testrun for the bridesmaid dress I wore to my best friend's wedding four years ago. I still fit into it, but it was a bit more snug than it was back then =) This was the first non-medieval piece I made (not counting home-ed in elementary school), and my first ever attempt to insert a zipper.

I made the pattern myself, loosly based on a vintage pattern. I can't really claim any credit for it though, without my mom´s help with fitting and alterations it never ever would have worked. Thanks, mom!

I think that's it for now. I'm heading for Stockholm and the celebration of my dad's 60th birthday this weekend, so excited to visit some vintage shops. If there's time... Oh, and I'm slightly faster at posting the outfit photo's at flickr than here, so check out my photo's there if you're curious about what I'm up to =)

Love, Erika


Vic said...

Du har så fantastiskt vackra kläder, måste jag säga!

Erika said...

Tackar, Vic! Har kikat runt på din sida, så får säga "Detsamma!" =)