Friday 3 June 2011

Me Made June - and so it begins, day 2+3

Me Made June is in full swing, and I started out forgetting it... Day one I sewed, worked out and pottered about at home. Barely got dressed = no pictures. =)
Yesterday was a whole other story, celebrating a friend's graduation from university.

I wore my red dress in interlocked jersey, keds and my grandmothers belt. This dress is a great going away dress when I want to be able to indulge myself with lots of sweets =) I'm not really sure the red of the dress works with the red keds... It's a bit sad, I've mentioned before that my feet are picky with shoes due to injuries. To give you an idea of the extent of it: these are my "pretty and I can survive fine as long as I don't wear them everyday and take the bus as much as possible"-shoes. Tragic, huh? Esp as I've finally found (and bought) some cute high heels on Tradera this spring:

Ah well, eventually it will be us, my loves! =)

Today was another relaxed day, just sewing and cleaning up the place a bit. I wore my favorite me-made skirt, a dark blue creation. I love it because it's comfortable, it's easy to move in, the fabric is an amazing cotton (with maybe a little other in it, not entirely sure) that never wrinkles. I sometimes iron it after washing, but not always. And it continues to be wrinkle-free during the day! Staines seems to magically disappear from it. I can wear a belt to it, but I don't need to. And the blue is so dark that it matches almost everything, just as black does. A perfect skirt =)

I don't plan to post outfits everyday, but rather do a round up maybe once a week. There will be repeats during June, I don't have anywhere near enough me-made-clothes to last me the whole month otherwise. Do check out the Me Made June flickr group for inspiring outfits from the challenge participants!

Love, Erika


Kitten loves vintage said...

Tråkigt att vara begränsad med skorna, men dom röda är ju söta på sitt sätt om än lite vardags. Den blå kjolen ser trevlig ut, och passar bra ihop med färgen på tröjan tycker jag! Hoppas skadorna läker bra så du får bära dina nyförvärv nång gång också...

SchlagerElin said...

Vilken vacker bild (den med blåa kjolen)!!! Du är så fin!

Och duktig på att göra fina kläder!



Evis said...

The dress is gorgeous!

Erika said...

Kitten; tackar! Benen blir bättre och bättre, det går lite långsammare än jag önskar men jag hoppas kunna använda de nya skorna under hösten. Tills dess är kedsen rätt söta, ändå =)

Tackar, Elin! Vi får köra lite intensivt nästa vecka så du också får en egensydd klänning! Kramis!

Thank you, Evis!