Friday, 25 January 2013

Soft winterdays

Today it's grey and cold, a very unpleasant combination. I figured I would cheer myself up with some pictures I took two weeks ago. It was cold, sunny and just gorgeous. A week prior the temerature had risen to above zero (very unusual for the time of year), then it just dropped to -15 again, and stayed there. So the frost grew on every single little branch of the trees, and covered every brick on the buildings. When the snow came it caught on the frost and... then the sun came.
It was beautiful.

On my way to work at 7.40, the sky began to lighten along the horizon. 

The view from my officewindow a little while later. 

 The pink horizon glimting thorugh the branches.

Love how the sun hit one tree full on, making it glow light pink in contrast to the shady white of its neighbourghs.

During my lunchwalk... 

Sky and snow-covered river

Sewing? Oh, yes, I've done a bit of that last weekend, but none during the workdays. Too many evening-meetings =( I'm happy to say the sweatpants are finished and I'm halfway ready with a blouse. Hopefully I'll feel a bit more energetic tomorrow, and I'll be home during daylight-hours, so pictures will be taken.

Have a great weekend!

Love, Erika


Tasha said...

That lighting is just AMAZING!

Eurielle said...

lovely pictures, but there is not a living soul in sight !
Is your part of Sweden very quiet or is it the cold that's keeping every one indoors ?
Hope your sweat pants are keeping you warm ;-)

Foster said...

Absolutely lovely photos. I wish we had some clear days like that around my little spot of earth!

Anthea said...

Oh my, those are some great pictures! Where do you live?

Erika said...

Tasha, thank you so very much!

Eurielle, :) There are about 100 000 people here in town... But this was during workhours in a very calm part of the city. There was some people about, but few eunough that I could avoid having them in the pictures. I really like that my lunchwalks are a bit solitude, perfect for clearing my mind! The last part I walk through a part of the center shopping area though... Cars and people everywhere!

Foster, Thank you! We of course have a lot days when it's grey (in december we went 3 weeks without seeing the sun, it was so cloudy!) and during winter the days are very short. But it's all worth it for the occasional day like this one! :) The best part is that they do come. Every winter there are a number pf days with sunshine and perfect blue skies. Love it!

Anathea, thank you! I live in Umeå, northern Sweden. It's south of the polar circle with about 400 kilometers, so while we unfortunatly don't get the midnight sun during summer, we do have some daylight the year around. Our shortest days there's about 3,5h of daylight. So it's pretty cold and sometimes dark during winters but as a pro we sometimes get a lovely winter sun :)

Pixie S. Greene said...

My goodness, you live in a wonderland!
growing up in northern Australia, I've been fascinated with snowy landscapes since I was a little girl! I think if I had that view from my office, I would never get any work done at all!

Sarah said...

Gorgeous photo's.
I love it when it snows and then the sun comes out, it just looks so surreal and peaceful, unfortunately we are lucky if we get that once a year :(

Erika said...

Pixie; I totally share the fascination with winter wonderlands! Would love to see Australia some day, though. The landscape there looks amazing and so versitile!

Sarah; thank you! Those clear and crisp winterdays are my favorite days of the year =) I'm sorry to hear you get so few of these wonderful days! But then maybe you have real summers? The kind where "doesn't need a jacket" lasts for more than two weeks? There's always pro's and con's =)