Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Sewing of 2012

At the end of a year I tend to wonder; what on earth did I actually sew during this year? So I figured I'd do a little re-cap in pictures of 2012's sewing! I've grouped them together in types of garments, without consideration to when each piece was created. There are links to the original posts, however; some of these were never properly blogged, only mentioned during process.

The wovens:

The jerseys:

Wow! I knew I'd been more productive this year than previous years, but seeing it lined up like this was really fun! I like that the projects spans different categories, materials and seasons. There are some pieces I really wish I had finished during 2012, but I'll have to take them with me to 2013 and make them a priority.

The big New this past year was jersey sewing. Jersey is fast to sew, easy to care for and comfortable to wear. I can only wonder at how long it took me to gather up the courage to try it! Seeing as these pieces are extremly wearable (save the first top, that I'm considering throwing away) there is a bunch of jersey sewing planned for next year =)
Besides sewing more jersey tops and dresses, next year I also hope to delve into lingerie sewing... Slips, tap pants, bloomers, knickers... I'd also like to sew with silk (yup, have been gathering up the courage there as well), and maybe do a couple of tailored projects as well. And sewing bags of different sorts! So many ideas! =)

Happy Sewing 2013, to all of us! =)
Love, Erika


Anthea said...

Love the garments you made last year. Especially the red rayon dress!

Joanna said...

Such beautiful garments. I just love the red rayon dress, very special!

Eva said...

The red dress and the wedding ensemble are just divine.

Ivy said...

I love that red dress, is it from a pattern? If so, could you tell me what kind it is? I hope to sew a lot this year!


Erika said...

Thank you so much, everyone! It seems the red dress is as much a favorite with you as it is with me! My only regret was that it's too thin for work (cold office), so I'm planning a wool version... =)

Ivy, unfortunatly no, I drafted it myself. I did have the Swingdress from Sense and Sensibility pattern that I looked at first, but I used my block pattern and drafted my own version. Here's where they differ the most: the back is gathered to a yoke, and flat against the waist. The front pieces meet in a row of buttons instead of overlapping. The waist-piece is cut straight at the waist, without the dip of the swingdress. The skirt is a half-circle skirt in a solid front and a solid back piece. Hope it makes sense! =)

Kitten von Kat said...

Åh, vad produktiv du varit! Bra jobbat, ska bli intressant att följa med var du syr 2013...Gott nytt år! :)

Mademoiselle Rock'n'Roll said...

Wowowow I absolutely love all the garmets you made dear! I stay here now, you have a gorgeous blog!:)
Hope that you'll visit me!