Friday 1 June 2012

Ever killed your darling when sewing?

In all kinds of writing, the moment always arrives when you have to "kill your darling" - i.e. remove that one favorite scene from the novel, or skip the analyctic question that got you interested in writing about a certain academic topic - because they just doesn't fit. On they're own, they're the whole point with the creation, but when put into a context, they are at best unnecessary and at worst they bring down the entire work a notch.

Ever had to kill your darling when sewing? See, I had this clear image in my head of the perfect jersey dress-pattern.

It's easy to cut and sew with only three pieces (plus bands for neckline and sleeves), and yet flattering. At least in my mind... In reality?

Not so much. I love the theory of it. I look at the pattern and it looks perfect. But I've come to the conclusion that it doesn't matter if I alter it, add more fabric, etc. At the end of the day, the skirt style just doesn't fit me. It's too tight around my *erhm* tummy and butt, showing off every bump along the way, even adding bumps I swear isn't there. Maybe in a heavy interlocked jersey, but this is meant for summer and dance practice: it needs to work in thin, comfy single jerseys as well.

New plan:

Divided at the waist, skirt gathered to the waist. Elastic sewn into the overlocked waist-seam, accentuating the waist and my curves in a positive way. I know the drawing looks very similar to the first version (which is why I thought I could get away with it) but the pattern pieces are very different for the waist-area and the top of the skirt. 
More pieces, takes a little longer to cut and sew, but it will be worth it to get a dress I will actually use instead of one that will be tossed into the darkness of the closet, never to re-surface.

And it worked! The new, re-drafted pattern will probebly serve as a blockpattern for all sorts of summerdresses in the future =)  It did take a little while longer than the other dress, but a total of 5 hours to cut and sew is still very much ok for me.
The sleeves looks a bit uneven, but that's just an illusion. I promise they're even in reality! =)

Had to include one photo using the flash, to give you all a better idea about the fabric. It looks almost brown in the other photos, but it's more of a deep burgundy.

My darling has been properly killed. Although... I could save the pattern for winter, since it might work a lot better in a stable, heavy interlock... Hopeless optimistic patternmaker, that's me! =)

Ever had to kill your darling when sewing?

Love, Erika


M'lady said...

The dress looks great. Reminds me of one I bought from a shop the other month.
I have the perfect 50's dress in my head...I just don't have the skills to draft it competently. Have to wait for the perfect commercial pattern.

Anna | Mormor hade stil said...

Jag tror absolut att en del av problemet är att du försökt i en för tunn trikå. Kan också vara att livet behöver vara lite lite tajtare och kjoldelen en aning mer utställd för att kompensera?

Å andra sidan blev ju försök nr två toppenbra och snyggt, så du behöver kanske inte lägga mer energi på version ett. :-)

Kitten von Kat said...

Haha, om jag har...Finns ett antal halvfärdiga saker i mina gömmor som sist o slutligen inte passade min kroppstyp alls. Men det är så man lär sig. Tycker modell 2 blev riktigt snygg, klär dig bättre även färgmässigt jämfört med ettan. Absolut ett mönster värt att sy upp fler gånger!

Erika said...

Lady D; Thank you! I'm sure you'll find the perfect pattern, there's so many out there. The re-issued vintage patterns from Vogue and from Buttricks are quite pricy, but they seem to be nice to work with. Good luck with your hunt!

Anna; Tror du har helt rätt, både om tyget och modellen. Skulle kanske gå att trixas till, men som du säger: andra försöket blev så pass mkt bättre att jag nog håller mig till det =)

Kitten; Lol, känner så igen det! De ligger där som ett konstant dåligt samvete. Frågorna snurrar... Ska jag avsluta dem? Göra alla femtioelva ändringar som krävs för att plagget ska funka? Känns så onödigt att låta allt jobb gå till till spillo, men samtidigt är det kanske mer onödigt att lägga timmar på att rädda ett plagg som antagligen inte kommer användas? Så jag skjuter bort skuldkänslorna och klipper ut något nytt =)

Tackar! Det blir def fler klänningar i det här nya mönstret!