Thursday, 18 August 2011

A very special house-guest

This is the 5th and last post about My Summer. Want to read the rest? Then feel free to check out the 1st, the 2nd, the 3rd and the 4th post as well  =)

For the last part of my vacation I had a very special house-guest: my grandmother came to visit! It's the first time since I moved out that has happened (not that she hasn't wanted to, but I live quite far away, and she's older and a bit nervous about travelling alone). We had a splendid week visiting the tourist attractions, enjoying the wonderful summer weather, picking berries and shopping.

Here we are at the Museum of Västerbotten, which has both indoors and outdoors exhibitions.

This is a traditional house of the people native to northern Sweden (Samer).

Lunch in the open, by the lake of Nydala. Why is it that food always taste best when eaten outside?

It was a fairly long walk so it was a good thing the hot weather had calmed down to just being warm and nice. =)

Last might of her visit she treated me to dinner onboard. By the docks, but nontheless =)

Then her week here suddenly came to an end, and so also my vacation. She went home, I went to work. It's ok, though =) I've had a long, nice vacation, and actually feel rested and full of energy. This is the first time I've taken my four weeks all in a row, and I really think it made a difference. During three weeks I have time to travel and rest, but not to re-coup. That's what the fourth week is for, I've just realised =)

Hope you've all had a great summer!
Love, Erika


Tasha said...

How nice that she visited. Could she be cuter? That museum looks really interesting, too.

I totally agree about food eaten outside, I'm not sure what about it makes it so good. In a yard or patio is nice, but out further away from civilization like by a like or woods is even better. :)

Rakel said...

Så koselig :) (mysigt)

Erika said...

Tasha; she's adorable, isn't she? =) The museum trip was great, it isn't often that I take the time to visit the local tourist attractions.

Rakel; tackar så mycket! =)

Kitten said...

Du verkar ha haft en händelserik och trevlig semester själv! Fin i håret blev du också ;)

Erika said...

Det hade jag verkligen, Kitten! Har jobbat i fem veckor nu, men på något sätt dröjer sig lugnet och energin från sommaren kvar. Måste vara tecknet på en himla lyckad semester =)
Tackar, blev väldigt nöjd med klippningen!