Monday, 15 August 2011

Vacation over, but what a summer!

I don't know why I continue to hold the misconception that I can blog during vacation/travelling/having guests. I can't. So instead of a polite warning "I'll be gone for x days/weeks" the blog just appears to die. I swear I'll try to do better. Not with the blogging, but with the heads-ups =)

So how to do this? I had planned to just do two really long posts, summoning up the summer, but found it boooring. Also, I've come to feel that my posts are getting more and more unpersonal, maybe it's 'cause of writing in English? So I'll do a few shorter posts, one a day for the next five days.

 At the airport in Stockholm

My dad had an Important Birthday this year (don't worry dad, I won't give away the number) so in June I made a weekend trip to Stockholm. It was intense but fun! Amongst other things we treated him to a traditional knife-shave at a barber shop.

I visited "Old Touch", a vintage & second hand shop I've been longing to see the inside of. I was too busy gawking at all the wonderful things to take pictures, but check out Miriams wonderful photos here. Trunk space and upcoming vacation made me hold back, so I didn't actually buy anything, but it was fun just to browse the store.

My favortie dress was a must for this special day =)

Mom's dog, Elsa, had just had her first litter, and they were so cute! 8 weeks old and oh my did I want one!
Here they are, all asleep... (there are three puppies in the picture above. Try counting and see if you can spot the third =))
... and the next second, out of the blue, they're running around chasing each other!

Cute little fluffy things... Sigh. Few things beats cuddling a puppy!

Love, Erika


Ania said...

I've just accidentally ran into your blog (you're amazing, by the way!). Have you been to Herrang on week 1? I believe I've ssen you there.

Dial V for Vintage said...

Oh, the puppies are too cute! They look so fluffy! Lovely outfits by the way! :)

Erika said...

Hello Ania!
Thank you so much, that is so sweet of you! Yes, I was indeed at Herräng week 1. You look very familiar too, although I have such a bad memory for faces =) Were we perhaps in the same group? LHAD?

Thank you, Dial V for Vintage! It's almost a bit hard to see the photos, I miss the puppies so much. But it's good to know that they are all happy in their new families. And I'm sure there will be more puppies in the future =)

Ania said...

No, we weren't in the same group, since I took boogie woggie this year, but I have seen you on the parties and around. I always notice the stylish ladies!
Are you planning to be present on the Snowball, btw?