Wednesday, 11 May 2011

New toys and an old dress

I've danced again! After a 4 month long break from all dancing I'm finally swingin' it on the lindy-floor again! I'm carefull not to dance a full night (3-4 hours) but to warm up, stretch, dance one hour, stretch and then rest. The resting is the hard part, but it helps that the program actually seems to be working. Yay! Herräng, here I come... Only 2 months away now.

This is a dress some of you have seen before, and some of you will even wonder if I ever wear any other dresses while dancing. And I do! I just haven't remembered to take photos, and it's been ages since my last outfit-post. So here it is, an oldie but a goodie!

My hair in flat victory rolls. The hairdo is one I haven't done for at least a year. I couldn't remember why until I tried to make it look smooth... Ah, well. It was for dancing, it got messy anyway. This is the after-dance picture, I'll just blame it on that =)

I of course had to test how it worked with my hat collection! I liked this combination for a summer outfit. Maybe with the dress I'm making? Good or too much when matched with a pink flower-print? (The fabric in question is in the last post before this one).

On a whole different topic: remember I talked a while ago about my passion for sewing toys tools? I had to order some things (honestly!) and the shipping was the same no matter weight or size so I ordered some extra stuff...

Belting material, zippers, shoulderpads, chalk wheel, bias-tape maker, belt-turner, magnetic pin cushions and... a rotary cutter with a cutting mat. The last ones are apparently great for knits and silk, which means: fabric shopping! Wheee!

It's finally spring for real, I've had a great weekend and now I'm happily playing with my new tools =) This week I hope to finish the dress I cut out last week, only have hemming and inserting sleeves left to do. It's amazing how fast sewing is when one isn't tailoring a coat =)

Love, Erika


Andi B. Goode said...

It's still a lovely dress! And it looks great on you. I haven't been out dancing in ages, myself - was going to go tonight but seem to have come down with something! Bah.
-Andi x

Kitten loves vintage said...

Härligt att du får dansa igen! Den där hatten annars, jag kan tänka mig att den passar ypperligt med din nya klänning. Lite avis på dina nya leksaker blir man ju nästan, kanske jag borde kolla om jag behöver nåt också :P

Erika said...

Det är så himla kul att vara på dansgolvet igen! Jag tror du har rätt om hatten och klänningen, har nån idé om att kanske bygga en outfit runt dem till sommarfesten på jobbet... Får se hur pass kallt det är!
Lol! Ja, nya leksaker är svåröverträffat =) Allt som köptes var dock saker jag funderat länge på, så det känns bra. Även om jag nu såklart kommit på fler saker som det verkligen vore bra att ha... Ska nog vänta lite dock innan jag fyller på skåpen igen =)

Isis said...

Found you through Formerly Modern.

What a lovely outfit and Ithink the hair looks great!

Erika said...

Thank you, Isis!