Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Model for a day

Wiggleskirt: sewn by me from a vintage pattern. Blouse H&M. Gloves from grandma. Hat from Tradera/Ebay.

Sunday me and Kajsa had a little adventure: "Model for a day" at TheStudio. It's a package offered by a studio, they do the make up and then you take a total of 45 pictures in a studio, with three different outfits that you bring along for the day.
It was a nice day in many ways, it was fun to do this with my sister, and I liked posing for the camera =) It was great to discover new angles, I sometimes find that all my pictures are taken from the exact same angle.

Hair is done with hot rolls the same day. Sailor dress from Beyond retro.
On the downside: This was a sort of free event, "we'll do the make up and take pictures, all free, and then if you like some of the pictures you can buy them", which meant there was a ton of people. Everybody had an appointement, but they seemed to have booked everybody at the same time. So hours of waiting in a hot, air-deprived room, people everywhere. Not so glamourous, but quite like I imagine modelling would be. Of course, after spending all that time you'd want to buy at least some of the very expensive photos, and so you'd anyway spend as much on the "free offer" as you would if you'd just booked their usual package. You've just had to wait around a great deal more.
My advice if anyone's interested in one of these events, just book a usual appointement instead.
Nevertheless, it was a fun thing to do, and I'm quite happy with the pictures I bought (yes, I know they failed a bit with the shade of the foundation... ah, well...)
I've had a bit of a shopping spree on Tradera/Ebay (a nice 40s dress for example), check in later this week for pictures =)
Love, Erika
P.S. I just realised this post has a very negative tone to it, please excuse me! I had a great time at the photoshoot, and I'm very happy with the photos! The negative tone is mostley due to this cold that I just can't seem to get rid of =( Note to self: don't blog when sick! =)


Andi B. Goode said...

Well, the photos turned out nice! You make a lovely model. =D
-Andi x

SchlagerElin said...

Super nice photos, Erika!! :) Didn't even notice the foundation mistake until you pointed it out...

Just one thing though, I spoke to a friend who did this by making an appointment, she said it was very much like our experience even then (although, if you do it in the middle of the week it should be less hectic. I think she had bad luck since there were several hen parties there when she was, hence lots of people...)

Stor KRAM och krya på dig!! :)

Kitten said...

Du är ju hur fin som helst, foundation-missen borde de väl ha kunnat fixa i datorn? Tycker iaf jag som arbetat med photoshop en del...

Ser förresten en viss likhet mellan dig och Jayma Mays som spelar en av huvudrollerna i tv-serien Glee (här finns en bild; Ögonen kanske? Munnen? Hur-som-helst, ni är båda fina! :)

Krya på dig!

Kajsa said...

Hm, jag tror jag hade en mer negativ ton i mitt inlägg. Men jag ångrar inte att vi gick,jag är också glad för bilderna jag köpte och att göra något sånt här med dig :)

Erika said...

Andi; Thank you for your sweet words and for taking the time to comment, I really appreciate it!

Elin; Tackar! Hmm, borde kanske inte peka ut felen... =) Så det är likadant om man har en tid genom deras vanliga tjänst? Isch då! Hur gick det med dina? Vore jättekul att få se dem nån gång! Te nån dag? När världen lugnat ner sig lite?

Kitten; Tackar! Färgen går säkert att justera i photoshop, måste dock erkänna att jag är total nybörjare på det, har varit inne och lekt med bilder en gång... Men det är sant, kan kolla med nån om de skulle kunna fixa till det =)
Vad roligt, hade inte alls tänkt på att det finns en likhet! Men du har alldeles rätt, vad skoj!

Kajsa; jag tycker de bilder du köpte var superfina, och vad skönt att du inte tycker att ajg lurade iväg dig på alltför dumma saker =) Det var en trevlig dag!

Kramar på er alla!