Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Vintage for everyday

Last week I was going through all my outfit posts in an attempt to find the perfect dress for the work-party on Saturday, and I realised that I've mostley posted about "the special" outfits. Inspired by the discussion on Gertie's blog about what vintage style one applies for everyday wear (, here come's some photos of my favorite vintage-inspired outfit and hair.

The hair is teased at the front and sides, and then folded in, pinned in place and harisprayed. The hair in the back is twisted into a knot at one side of the neck, and secured with a whole lot of hairpins. This was for dancing, so a bit more pins and spray were needed than for a day at town. It was all done in 20 minutes, without any preparation at all.

The skirt is a simple dirndl-skirt, just square pieces folded against a waistband, all made by me =) The shirt is from H&M, the shoes are my beloved dance shoes, and the belt is true vintage (my grandmother wore it in the 50s/60s). Sorry about the slightly rumpled look, I always remember after a couple of hours of dancing that I'd brought along my camera...

I know for some people this isn't really vintage, but for an everyday wear it's the perfect combination for me; something homesewn, something vintage, something modern =)

For me, wearing vintage means different things different days. If I save the full vintage garb (suspender belt, stockings, elaborate hairdo's, no modern RTW etc) for the special occasions, then those special occasions will feel more special becuase of my outfit. So that way I can chose to make an ordinary shopping day special by upping the outfit. I still feel pretty in my everyday wear, but then I can feel extra pretty when I chose to =)
Somehow I believe that while my oufit may not be period all the time, the intent of saving the extra effort and the best clothes for special occasions, is period.
What do you say? Do you wear period vintage (down to the underwear) everyday, or even at all? If you like to dress more vintage inspired, what pieces do you prefer to keep "genuine" vintage? (For me, it's definitley the accessories)
If you like to add vintage pieces to a more modern outfit, check out the guest post on Gerties blog by Sal from Already Pretty for some great tips on styling.
I'd love to hear your views and personal experiences on vintage for everyday wear!
Love, Erika


Andi B. Goode said...

That's what you look like after a couple of hours of dancing? That doesn't seem fair - how do you still look so cute and neat?
I wear stockings and suspenders almost everyday, unless it's too hot, and I try to get a vintage 'feel' to my outfits, even if I may not look exactly like I've stepped out of a certain era. I like to channel the vibe, I guess.
-Andi x

Cathla said...

I mix and match, but i´m not hole vintage i´m more inspired by vintage, and since my favorite vintage garb is a everyday dress i wear it to the office/ school, it is to warm to wear to parties. But you look lovely in that outfit

Bertie said...

That outfit is georgous!! I also don't usually go full vintage/retro for everyday wear, but usually mix a bit of new and old together, and I like to save the full vintage/retro outfits for special occasions too - like you said, it makes the day feel more special :)

Kitten said...

You look great!! I mix and match alot, mostly for the fact that I have nowhere near enough vintage in my wardrobe...because finding any around where I live is so rare. But, what I cannot buy, I (try to) make!

Still, most days I end up dressed quite modern (jeans or sweatpants and so on) but whenever I'm going anywhere more special I dress up. Even if I'm just going shopping...

Ha en fin helg!

Erika said...

First all; sorry for the long time to answer, been a bit much lately!

Andie: Lol! Thank you, and yup I guess I don't sweat much when dancing =) Means I'm helpless in warm weather, though, so sometimes I wish I did. But on the dancefloor it's kind of practical! I really admire you to have such a constant vintage feel in your outfits!

Cathla: Thank you! And knowing your wardrobe, I'm sure you're quite stylish to parties as well =)

Bertie; Thank you so much for the compiment on the outfit, and thank you for your input! Always love to hear of others relationships to the vintage fashion!

Kitten; Thank you! I kind of have the same problem, vintage clothes seems to be rarer the further up north one gets. But mixing can be quite fun as well!

Thank you all so much for taking the time to comment! I love reading your thoughts, and it's really what makes blogging so much fun!