Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Tutorial for a classic chignon

I love to play around with my hair, and has been attempting to create a classic chignon. I made an attempt in October, based on a tutorial from Brittany at Va-Voom vintage. I wasn't 100% happy with it though, and has been working on altering it to work with hair of different lengths and thicknesses. Now, just in time for Valentine's day, here's a version of the classic chignon! (Disclaimer: By no means the definitive or perfect version, just a version =) ).

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Starting point: Hair a bit curly by your favorite method that works with your hair. I prefer hot rolls or 2nd/3rd day pin curls when I'm doing an up-do, but that very much differs from person to person. Here my hair is in 3rd day pin curls, my ultimate starting point.

The front is done as you like, here I've done a bang-roll and two small rolls at the sides. One can also do a pompadour, or victory rolls, or basically anything that gathers up all hair from the front of the head.

Start by sectioning off the upper half of the hair that's loose. Secure with an elastic into a ponytail, not too tight.

Using your fingers or a loop, pull the tail through it self.

Looks like this when done. Make sure it's not too high up on the head!

Roll just the pony-tail around a hair-rat, stop just below the elastic. My rat's are approx 2-3 cm in diameter and maybe 8 cm long, but both smaller and bigger rats can be used! All according to preference =)

Secure the rat. I like to use one long bobby pin and secure the ends of the rat to the head with a horizonthal movement.

Then I use hair pins diagonally both from above and beneth to make sure it stays in place. Apply hairspray (this will be the only chance to do so on this section).

So far, I've mainly kept to Brittany's tutorial, but from here on it's all my method! On both sides, section off a small piece from just behind the ears. Clip them out of the way.

Take all the hair that's left (should be peaking out from beneth the rat). Roll it up on a second rat, keeping the angle horizontal to the neck, or even angled more upwards (hard to do on one's own).

Aim the second rat to land just above the first, so it covers the twist-y "V". Hold in place, and secure with long bobby pins and with hair pins, like with the first rat.

If needed, carefully use fingers or a comb to spread the hair so it covers the entire length of the rat. It does not need to cover the sides of the rat! Hairspray the sides.

Now there's only a strand of hair behind each ear left. For each strand, roll it into a pin curl. It works best if the hair ir pulled straight back and rolled "up".

Aim the roll to land just next to the two rats, covering the sides of the rats. Secure the roll with small bobby pins. Hairspray all the way around, smooth stray hair into place.

And it's done!

There's a ton of good tutorials out there, so many that I almost didn't post this... However, what's nice about this method is that it's fairly easy on the hair, there's no teasing needed. Also, it works on fine "scandinavian" hair (my hair is thick and takes curls really well, but it's still hard to pin in an up-do). I've tested the 'do on a friend with superfine, thin, silky, hiplong hair, and it worked!

This hair-do is great as a background for decorative pieces!

It's certainly do-able for the beginners, but would take a bit of practice. The equipment is rather basic, some different pins and an elastic. The rats may not be on everyone's dressing table, but they are super easy to make! From Brittany I got the tip to use a "dougnut-roll" to make a bunch of smaller, more useful hair-rats. As the dougnut roll is super-popular right now (at least here in Sweden) they can be found anywhere, in different colours and sizes. I haven't even bothered to sew mine shut, I just let the hair-pins hold them together. The loop I don't know where to buy internationally, but for swedish readers: "Glitter" carries them.

There you go! A fairly quick up-do that looks much more complicated than it is, and that can be done on those days when the curls no longer look their best but you're not ready to wash them out =) Have fun with it, and if you test the how'to, I'd love it if you'd let me know how it worked and what you thought of the result!

And last, a warm thank you to my sister Kajsa who helped me take all the photo's for this post!
Love, Erika


Anthea said...

This hairstyle is so lovely! I wish I coul do something like this, but my hair is to short at the moment and I'm not really good with hair.

And I love your glasses too!

Tasha said...

Hm, perhaps my hair is secretly Swedish! lol

Love how you created this look! My hair isn't long enough to try it at the moment, but it looks like the perfect hairstyle for summer to keep all the humidity we have from ruining your hair. :)

Isis said...

Very nice! I would never have thought of using a hair rat for this updo!

Kitten von Kat said...

Så snyggt det blev! Jag borde prova, tyvärr är jag så slarvig med att göra frisyrer under vintern, inte så mycket man kan göra heller när man använder mössa och cykelhjälm hela tiden...Ps, ditt nya sybord ser mycket bra och praktiskt ut, grattis till fyndet! :)

Esz said...

This is gorgeous! I wish I could do it with mine but I simply do not have enough hair to cover all the separate bits. Curse having "Scandi hair"!

May Loh said...

Lovely hair-do and a great tutorial my dear! Glad to have stumbled by your blog...utterly lovely! Have a fabulous weekend!
May xx

Brittany_Va-VoomVintage said...

Awesome job and thank you for the shout out!! I love seeing how people tweak techniques to make them their own! :) x

Erika said...

Thank you, Anthea! The glasses are new from fall, it took a while to get used but I really like them! So much better than my old ones...

Tasha; lol! That might very well be the case =) Thanks! I think it's a nice way to use curls after their "expirationdate", and if it's hot outside it's always nice to get the hair away from the neck...

Thank you, Isis! The idea to use rats came from Brittany, but I found it so much easier once I added a second rat. A good way to get the hairdo stable!

Kitten; tackar så mycket! Jag är också rätt slarvig på vintern. Cyklar visserligen inte just nu, men det ska ju ändå på en mössa... Blir mest till danskvällar eller andra speciella tillfällen. Och tackar o bockar, är verkligen supernöjd med skrivbordet!

Esz; Thank you! Yes, it does demand some thickness to the hair... However, one can make the ponytail around the lower rat quite thin, it doesn't need to cover the rat at all. But of course some may just have too thin hair anyway =(

Thank you, May Loh!

Thank you, Brittany! Very happy to hear you're ok with me re-posting part of your tutorial! Wasn't sure, but still wanted to share the alteration... So glad (and relieved) you liked it!