Friday, 9 November 2012

Busy little bee with planning problems

Wow, these past two weeks it's been pretty busy! Basically the dancing has stolen time from my other hobbies. No sewing, no blogging and almost no gym-time. Of course the entire fall has pretty much featured this problem, but the past two weeks has been more intense than usual.

I suppose really shouldn't be complaining, when I've been doing fun stuff! I've taught a 3 hour blues dance workshop, organized a blues dance social and held two intermediate lindy hop dance lessons. In theory not so bad it merit's getting my tail in a twist over it, but as all these things are new "events" they all come with lot's of hours of planning and rehearsing. Over the years I've taught a fair share of intermediate classes, but every single one of them is individually planned and constructed, meaning that planning-wise, a single intremediate lesson is more work than an entire beginner's class.

So lot's of dancing! =) But not much else =(
I have managed to do some few other things, but haven't had a chance to take pictures or write posts... Here's some sneak previews...

More to come!

While I feel I have no right to complain, and while I don't even for a second regret any of this fall's activites, I somehow feel I've failed to find a balance in my planning. For me, the best thing is a balance between dancing, gym, sewing, seeing friends and hanging out at home (alone or with the mr). When one activity takes over I soon start feeling a bit understimulated, no matter how much fun that one activity is. And this fall it's been all dancing (and not in the sense of doing it myself, but in the sense of working for the dance-society to give others oppurtunities to dance), to the point where I start to feel frustrated over all these sewing ideas that pops up in my head, and that I have both pattern and fabric for, but that I just don't have time to do right now!

Anyone else who does this, over-plans and then find yourselfs unable to squeeze in creative time?

Ah, well, I have a couple more commitments until new year's, but after that I'm taking it easy and slowing down the dance part of my life a little bit (not stopping!), to give the rest of my interests a chance to catch up =)

Have a great weekend!
Love, Erika


Lady D said...

You teach. Cool. :)

My work around for this problem is to combine two 'elements' so that I can fit them in. As I hand sew its portable and I can sew while watching TV.
I have 2 kinds of dance I do. But the trad stuff I can combine with the music playing practice (not that all my instruments get played). Also the clog is easy to practice when waiting for a bus etc.
On the lindy hop front, other than weekly lesson I have been known to susiQ past every mirror in the house till I get the hang of it. lol!

Anthea said...

I wish we could take Lindy Hop lessons over here.

I totally regocnize the feeling overplanning. When it happens to often I feel unbalanced too.

Kitten von Kat said...

Bekant känsla, har ju skola, jobb och hobbies att balansera mellan här. Och ja, fantastiskt nog har jag ju gått en lindy hop kurs hela hösten! :D Tyvärr har jag inget eget par dock, utan har fått låna andras en liten pytte stund av lektionerna... Men men, jag har fått lära mig lite grunder iaf! :)

Erika said...

Lady D; totally agree, handsewing in front of the TV is nice =) Love the image I got of you practicing Suzy Q at the bustop!

Anthea; I'm so sorry to hear there's no lindy hop classes in your area =( Maybe there's a camp/crash course weekend somewhere not too far away?
Balance is something that I'm really struggling with, I find it far too easy to sign up for more than I have time for.

Kitten; Ouch, förstår att det blir tufft! Hur mycket jag än lyckas planera in i nuläget så minns jag ändå tydligt hur mycket värre det var medan jag studerade. Men om inte alltför lång tid är du klar med en så häftig utbildning! Kommer vara värt det, är jag helt säker på.
Vad roligt att du gått lindy hop kurser i höst! Men jag förstår inte riktigt hur systemet fungerar där, menar du att man enbart dansar med sin partner på lektionen? Så väldigt mysko! På alla ställen jag dansat på har man alltid roterat partner i en stor cirkel under lektionen, så alla får dansa med alla. Bra dela för dem som inte har en partner men även för att det är nyttigt att inte bara dansa ihop sig med en person. Enda gången man enbart dansar med partnern man anmälde sig med är om det är aerials (lyft) eller i show and competition-gruppen i Herräng.
Hoppas du hittar någon att träna med snart!