Thursday, 18 October 2012

Getting my groove back

I had a free weekend and decided to do my best to get my sewing groove back. While having finished an UFO would be very satisfying, the actual process of finishing it is boooring. Cutting out a new garment on the other hand, that's fun. So Saturday I did this:

Sorry, murky picture.

It's a half circle skirt with a lapped sidezipper and a one-piece waistband, meaning only a total of 3 pieces to cut.

This colour is closer to the truth.

I hand-picked the zipper, on both sides, to avoid stretching the fabric. So the sides are sewn, the zipper is inserted, the waistband interfaced with thick woven fusible and then added to the skirt. All that's left is finishing the waistband edges and adding closures, and of course hemming after letting it hang a few days.

Sunday I had grand plans of turning a lovely green jersey into a dance dress. This was my idea:

It's based on my other jersey dress pattern, with some alterations in the bodice. However, after drafting the changes and laying out the pattern I realised I was short of 20-30 cm of fabric. I tried reducing the skirt width 4 cm both front and back, and it would have worked.

Works in theory, but it'll be very tight to add seamallowances.

But it was a squeez, and then I got the idea, how about two tops instead? I love this fabric, and what would get most wear, two tops or one dress? Obviously the tops! Esp as this jersey goes with almost all my skirts, both summer and winter. So I cut out the tops, and that was pretty much the day. No actual sewing done, but still 6 hours of sewing prep. It felt really good to have some productive sewing hours! Actually did get some of my sewing groove back... Altough my overlock did it's best to erase that groove yesterday. I've reached a stage where I thought me and the overlock had become friends. I usually thread it and balance the tension and change all those itty-bitty settings in 10-20 min. Yesterday, me and the overlock argued about just about everything for two hours! Which was my allotted sewing time. *Sigh* Ah, well, at least I got the darn thing ready for sewing the tops next chance I have to sew.

The two tops laid out, the extra space over the left bustpiece is for the second sleeve. See, there's room for seam-allowances! =) And I got some scrap fabrics, which was good when I did a zillion test stitches on the overlock!

Both these projects were made from stash-fabric, and as I've used three stash-fabrics lately, I'm elligable for some fabric shopping, right? Esp as my new altered jersey dress pattern needs a fabric... Well, I'll very likely have a good chance at finding some during Stockholm sewing expo this upcoming weekend. Yup, I'm going to Stockholm sewing festival! So excited, it's been 8 years since the only time I've visited the sewing expo (it always collides with something else in my scheduale). But this year I'm going! Yay! Also looking forward to seeing family and friends, so it's a really good weekend that lies ahed of me =)

Lot's of half made things today, but at least I am sewing again! How are you coping with the change of seasons? What's on your sewing table?

Love, Erika


Lady D said...

I'm interested in the top on your dressform with the skirt. There's a re-fashion contest on pattern review and I want to make something from an old pillowcase...and that looks like a good candidate for a style I might be able to do.
On my sewing table (its not really a table more a sewing pile on a chair) is a pencil skirt....just need to get the right size zip and add the waistband. And I've made a start to regency ballgown. Been planning a chemisette to fill in the neckline too.
On my to do is a playsuit & skirt for dance lessons. And a winter blouse.

Erika said...

Lady D; Wow, that's an impressive sewing list! Your last regency outfit was lovely, I'm looking forward to seeing the next one!
The top on my dressform is actually just my sloper pattern... I made a cover from muslin fabric and then padded it out so I'd have a dressform that sort of resembles me (I need to do a new one, as I've fitted the sloper even more since making the cover). The sloper has darts from the shoulders and the waistline, front and back. There are lots of sloper patterns out there, for example:!81885
You might be able to use the bodice on Gertie's bomb-shell dress as well!

Lady D said...

I've got a good deadline for the regency its for a playford ball in march, so plenty of time to pick up and put down the project.

I thought it was a yoked, sleeveless blouse. lol! I have been looking at using gerties pattern....

I forgot to add on my future sewing plans I saw a old newsreel about turning floor length dress into a day dress....which I want to do in time for the next lindy exchange in SLX2013, which should be june some time.

The Boyer Family said...

Beautiful Skirt! I handpick some of my zippers as well, they always seem to look more professional that way for some reason.
I too, have been working on a knit shirt/blouse. I'm zooming through it really fast!
What is hilarious, is that I started my knit blouse after finishing up a UFO, too! It's funny how one can get so tired of working on an old project that you absolutely MUST start something new. :)

The middle Sister and Singer

Anthea said...

Love your skirt and dress design!

Well as usual I have a lot of sewing projects going on. Try to keep the upcoming seasons in mind so I can actually wear it instead of waiting for the appropriate weather.

And I want too buy new fabric too. My stash has mostly fabric suitable for summer/spring.

Erika said...

Lady D, now I know what you were after! It looks like a yoke, but it's really just a weird fitting alteration =)

Brigid, I love the effect of a handpicked zipper! Esp if the fabric is on the bias, I think it saves time as there's less risk of fabric stretching followed by seamripper action.
Fast projects are great for regaining inspiration and motivation! What is it about UFO's that just takes all my energy? Good thing there's jersey around in those times =)

Anthea, Thank you! The skirt is almost ready, and I have a hunch it's a new wardrobe staple piece =) I'm also trying really hard to sew for the coming season! My curse/bad habit is that I always tend to sew things are suitable for just then. It takes a bit longer than expected to sew and suddenly I have to wait almost a year before it's season for it again!

Good luck with your season sewing, and your hunt for winter fabrics! There are so many gorgeous wools out there, I'm sure something will catch your eye and heart =)