Tuesday, 23 November 2010

A swingin' weekend it was

What a weekend I've had! So much great dancing during the socials, and amazing beyond words classes!
Frida Segerdahl and Skye Humphrey held classes Saturday and Sunday, with a theme we as a dance community and me personally really need to work at: the continuation of energy. To keep the energy and thus the movement flowing, to continue the movement. Sounds a bit weird and at the same time like a given, but trust me - it was neither. Very fun classes, but quite tricky. I need to keep working on this!

The social on Friday was almost a warm up for the weekend, a kick-off. The dancefloor was a bit thin, which was rather nice, no crashing into each other and space to do fun, big moves.
The big night was however on Saturday, at Sofiehems föreningshus, a wonderful danceroom. Great floor, nice atmosphere, with a big band playing on stage and a lot of dancers on the floor.

Photo: Erik Israelsson
I played it safe with my outfit for the day: the polka-dot dress and hair done with pin-curls. The curls came out rather nice, I think. Maybe because I miscalculated how long baking would take Friday afternoon, so I didn't have time to take them out before the dance and then taking them out just before class on Saturday seemed silly, so they laid for about 48 hours... =)

An unusual angle for me, Johannes got a bit creative. What do you say, does it work?

Malin and Johannes are soon moving from Umeå, so Swingum took the opportunity this night to thank them for everything they've done for the society. They'll be greatly missed, in their roles as instructors, cashier and webadministrator, but most of all as friends. They're only moving a 3 hour drive away, so we all hope they'll have lot of chances to come visit. It won't be the same, but we'll get to see them and dance with them. Don't be too long, guys!

Photo: Erik Israelsson
Karolina had made a beautiful present box for them, with Swingum-shoes. Adorable!

Photo: Erik Israelsson
One dance night each semester Swingum is in this dancehall, and we in the kitchen try to make it a special evening when it comes to the "fika" as well. (For non-swedish readers: Fika is sort of coffee/tea and cake, but it means a bit more in Swedish. One can take a coffee on the run, but never a fika on the run. It's sitting down, taking a break, usually with comapany).
Me and Rita baked the sweet bread, and Mona baked the baguettes for the cheese table.

Photo: Erik Israelsson
By now you might be wondering, "Yes, presents and fika, but didn't they dance?". Of course we did! Here's a photo of Skye and Frida performing:

Photo: Erik Israelsson
Swingum Lindy Hoppers had a little performance (before Skye and Frida danced, wouldn't want to follow them up on a stage...). I'm adding a short video, the new camera only takes 40 seconds films. An apology beforehand: this was not my best performance. I and Robin usually don't partner up, we had only practiced once. And it was the first time I heard this arrangement of the tune.
I'm also adding a movie of Malin and Johannes social dancing inbetween sets (that's why so many are sitting. They're having a fika =) ).


Kitten said...

Ser ut som du haft en fin helg, synd att videona var så mörka (på min skärm iaf) hade gärna sett mer av dansandet. Bara av att höra musiken blev jag ordentligt danssugen plötsligt...Big band har jag svårt att sitta still till :)

Ha det bra, kram!

Rosy said...

Good time! You made me enjoy this post ... It brings me old memories, I love, love your dress polka dots. Magnificent!

Erika said...

Kitten; det var synd att videona var så mörka! Var helt ok innan jag laddade upp dem, hjälpliga på min hemmadator när jag kollade via bloggen, men nu på jobbets skärm syns knappt något =(
Men det var en väldigt trevlig helg! Jag har alltid svårt att sitta still till swingjazz, musiken inbjuder verkligen till rörelse =)

Rosy; Thank you so much for your sweet words on the post and the dress! I've always found that dancing and swingmusic brings a smile to people's faces, there's just so much joy in it.

Kajsa said...

Det är inte meningen att de ska dansa i skorna? Roligt att du hade roligt =) Puss o kram!

Erika said...

Kajsa, nej, det är nog inte meningen... skorna är väldigt fastlimmade på plexiglas-skivan. Däremot så blir det en rolig väggdekoration!

Puss och kram!