Wednesday, 26 May 2010

A book I needed and a card I loved

So, I promised some pictures of the birthday presents, right? This all came from my wonderful mom. It's a book about fitting and altering sewing patterns! Something I really wanted, as I've been having huge problems lately (and therefore haven't finished a garment in forever). I realised a while back that I've never actually done a fitted bodice with sleeves! Sure, I've done a lot of strange medieval clothes, but this very basic piece of sewing I've never actually done. No wonder it was giving me such huge problems!

I'm pretty sure this is very copyright-protected, so I'm just giving you all a glimpse of it. As you can see, it's not just descriptions of how to make a basic pattern, but it's actually included 6 different types of patterns (pants, bodice, coat etc) in different sizes.

The list of contents, doesn't say much unless you read swedish though =) Basically, the book covers shirts, skirts, pants, blouses and dresses, coats, jackets, stretch-material and construction of basic patterns.
I might have mentioned I've decided to take a sewing class coming fall, and this is the book and patterns the teacher of that class recommended for me. Now I'm really on the go. I will learn this! =)

Also, the cute card I got from my mom.
Love, Erika


Kitten said...

Låter som en bra och intressant bok, och kortet var ju hur kul som helst, hihihi... :)

Radu Prisacaru - UK Internet Marketer said...

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Erika said...

Kitten; visst var det? Ler varje gång jag ser det =)

Radu; thank you! Welcome to my little blog, I'm happy you enjoy it! At the moment, you need to have a google ID, just press the button "Follow" in the right side-bar.

Olivia said...

Åh, den där boken är jättebra!!! älskar den. Har lärt mig massor av den...

Erika said...

Det var uppmuntrande att höra, Olivia! Ger mig hopp om att bli en bättre sömmerska med dess hjälp =)